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Laver & Wood hand make all these bats to your specifications. We hand grade all willow, and depending on the bat you have selected we can usually find a cleft with number of grains and the look that you want.

We pride ourselves on making the bat that fits your game perfectly. By buying a Laver & Wood you do not need spend hours picking up bats off a rack seeing if you can find something that suits you, or exactly matches your old favourite.

If your current bat is past its best you can send it back to us and we will produce an exact copy in the range you specify. If you have an SS Turbo 333 like Graham Gooch used to have, or a super short handle standard blade like Sachin Tendulkar or a light, high middle like Justin Langer but cant find one on the rack in any sports store email Laver & Wood.

Our team will help you decide the bat that will best suit your game and the conditions you play in. Email us if you want advice on the bat that will suit you.

Author:Hailey Swanson