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Just What Are Plantation Shutters?


If you have invested whenever in the real estate or home decoration industries, you will have heard individuals raving about plantation shutters and how beautiful they are. Nevertheless, it may not be clear from their appreciation just what these beautiful shutters have to offer. Should you consider buying plantation shutters in Sydney for your home

Put just, plantation shutters are shutters that are installed inside the home as window coverings. They are usually custom developed for your home and come in a variety of colours and louvre widths. Their outstanding popularity originates from both their practicality and visual appeals. Practically speaking, plantation shutters make it simple to control the light and ventilation that comes through your windows, they are easy to tidy, and they can last for the entire lifetime of your home if appropriately looked after. Aesthetically, their timeless beauty breathes a brand-new and exciting life into everything from the most elegant of homes to everyday styles.

A Quick History

Versions of plantation shutters have existed because of the time of the ancient Greeks, who utilised interior screens for environment and light control in their houses. Nevertheless, it was not up until the 17th-century reign of France’s King Louis XIV that their appeal exploded. The king had beautiful wood shutters with louvres set up in each of his houses, and the court rapidly relocated to copy Louis XIV’s spectacular style choice. From there, plantation shutters spread in popularity across Europe and its’ colonies.

Interior shutters ended up being a staple in large plantation houses because of their usefulness and beauty. These shutters supplied ideal environment control in the face of severe summer season heat, and their omnipresence in plantations provided the name by which they are still understood to this day.

Modern Use

Although the days of grand plantation homes have long since passed, the appeal of plantation shutters has indeed not waned. Today, you will find businesses that make and sell wooden shutters online offering house owners with an advanced and traditional design aesthetic, significant privacy, and quickly controlled light and ventilation, not to discuss a boost in total home value and curb appeal. The customised nature of these shutters makes them the best fit within a home, and their resilience is unmatched by another form of window covering. It is no surprise, so many households have sought out houses with plantation-style shutters or have included them in their homes themselves.

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